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Visitor Info

Where is Borsh?

South-coastal village of Borsh, will be the next stop for the festival of this year. Borsh is one of the biggest villages of South Albania and it is part of Himara Municipality.

Borsh it is very known for it’s olive groves, olive oil production  and is also characterized by an extraordinary geological diversity, a blend of sea, mountains and amazing natural resources, as well as a rich cultural heritage, tradition and delicious cuisine that makes it ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities and a perfect tourism destination. The village is lying in an alluvial plain that is the delta of a small river that flows into the sea from the inland mountains. The mountains provided a secure point upon which to build a castle; the plain provided flat ground with rich soil on which to cultivate olives; and in recent times, the wide beach created by the delta has provided the basis for a touristic economy.

The earliest settlement near today's village of Borsh is the Castle of Sopot (also referred to as Borsh Castle). It was established on a mountain ridge above the village. The earliest traces of life in this castle dates back to the late Bronze Age, the sixth century BCE. This settlement and its early inhabitants have been part of antique Chaonia and its castle had a great importance due to its geographical-strategic position because it controls the only possible and natural entrance of the coast of Himara to the remote areas in Labëri.

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How to get there?

By Car

From Tirana you continue on the highway Tirane-Vlorë-Himarë-Borsh (240 km) and it take aprx. 4h to reach Borsh.   

From Janina (Gr) take the highway Janinë-Kakavie-Saranda-Borsh for 140km aprx. 3h to reach Borsh. 

By Boat

From Corfu take the ferry to Saranda and then take the highway to Borsh for 73km and it takes aprx. 3h. 

By Plane

From Tirana Airport you can reach Borsh in 4h (234 km) 

From Ioannina Airport to Kakavija and then to Borsh (140 km)

From Corfu Airport and then the ferry to Saranda, or to Igoumenitsa and then Igumenica-Saranda-Borsh.

Luxury Camping

You want to get the best out of your stay at the South Outdoor Festival? South Outdoor Festival Luxury Camping is the right place for you. It’s the VIP camping site for all festival goers who are looking for an outstanding festival experience.

50€ for 3 nights/person

Tents up to 2 people

High-quality sanitary facilities

2 sleeping bags+air beds+chair

Free Parking

Power Plug-in (add on)


Our “Luxury Camping” site is located just a short walk from the main stage. Comfortable air beds and cosy sleeping bags, high-quality sanitary facilities without any extra charge, camping chairs and paved paths, as well as the easy access to power outlets and WIFI are waiting for you.

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We can’t argue about one thing – there's nothing that makes you hungrier than being active. And since there’s nothing worse than being hungry, we got you covered!
South Albania is famous for its cuisine and we want you to experience the best of it!
That’s why South Outdoor Festival partnered with the best restaurant in south (Veranda) who will, only for you, prepare the best south specialties at a special price, in collaboration with the local peoples, which will get involved in cooking their traditional plates just for you.

You get to choose between various menus and decide what you want to eat, but one thing is for sure – you can’t go wrong!


Thanks to our logistic sponsor AVIS we offer transportation for free between activities for all those who are part of our outdoor activities.

Specifically, at various locations throughout the Festival area, you will be able to use one of our transports to travel directly to the activities spots from the events venue in Borsh and vice versa. We will offer FREE transportation to all the partecipants in our outdoor activities to this locations:

Borsh-Palasa-Borsh (for Paragliding activity), every hour from 9AM to 6PM. From Palasa to Llogora the transportation will be provided by SkySports and it is included in your ticket price.

Borsh-Jali-Gjipe-Borsh (for KAYAK, SUP, DIVING, CLIMBING), every hour from 9AM to 6PM.

Transportation will also be provided for Canyoning, Mountain Biking and Hiking according to the specific tours and hours for these activities.

From these transit hubs, shuttle transportation will be provided FREE to partecipants with valid festival ticket.

What is forbidden

We continue to plan the event closely with the police and security services and the police will have a presence on site throughout the festival to support our dedicated security provider. We have increased security measures in place for 2019 and continue to work vigilantly with all our partners to deliver a safe and enjoyable event for all attending.

Certain items are not allowed within the festival or the campsites.

You may be body and/or bag searched at the entrances or during the event. Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities onsite may be searched.

*Please note: South Outdoor Festival or personnel appointed by our Security provider can refuse entry/possession of any items below at their discretion.

List of items cooming soon...