South Outdoor Festival 2019 | South Outdoor Festival

South Outdoor Festival 2019



The main Festival Hub in Borsh, will be the primary location for all the Music Festival events and a lot of other activities.

The magnificent waters of Jali bay will host our Adventure Point, with water sport activities such as: Kayaking, Stand- Up Paddle, Diving, etc. A lot of other activities, such as Hiking, MTB, Jeep Safari will take place all over the region.

Borsh Main location

Music festival, Camping, Games, Events, Food etc.

Jali Bay Adventure Point

Water Activities, Diving, Kayak, SUP

Gjipe Beach Activities

Kayak, SUP, Canyoning, Climbing

Llogara Air Games


Our Ambassadors

Trusted Partners

Albanian Best Operators

South Outdoor Festival is realized in strong partnership with the Albanian best Tour Operators who have been working in tourism sector for years, specializing active tourism and receiving awards for developing new tourist products and events within their businesses. The festival is strongly supported from GIZ Albania in collaboration with Ministry of Tourism and Environment, National Tourism Agency, Himara Municipality.