Itinerary 2 | South Outdoor Festival

Itinerary 2

Itinerary Description: 

Rock Climbing

 4h       Moderate       Gjipe 

Work your way up the impressive rock cliffs of Gjipe Canyon right by the sea!

9 routes of different difficulty levels

Spectacular Gjipe Canyon and beach time

Climbing gear and safety equipment provided, or bring your own

The canyon of Gjipe is undoubtedly one of the gems of the riviera. A deep canyon with steep walls and lush, paradisiac vegetation at its base opens up to a quiet beach and crystal-clear blue waters. Conquering the rocks of Gjipe’s “Mare” section along the beach right by the sea is pure bliss for any avid rock climber. Nine different routes with heights of 8 to 18 metres and of varying difficulty make sure that this activity is enjoyable for climbers of all skill levels. The 4-hour time slots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, easily allow for some time to relax by the beach, too. Climbers who would like to bring their own equipment are welcome to do so.

Smart tips:

  • Combine this activity with Kayak Tour for a full experience
  • Make the walk down to the bay by taking Gjipe hiking trail