Itinerary 2 | South Outdoor Festival

Itinerary 2

Itinerary Description: 

Olive Oil Tasting tour

 2.5h        Borsh

Twist, stretch and breathe in the fresh sea breeze! Practice yoga during the sunrise and sunset. Clear your mind, relax and rejuvenate!

Visit of an ancient olive grove

Oil mill and production facilities

Tasting of local extra virgin olive oil

A very important part of the overall agricultural production of the Southern Albanian coast is its olive oil. We have all enjoyed it as an ingredient to our meals before, but you might not know much about how much knowledge, patient care and effort goes into the production of a good extra virgin olive oil. During this interesting two-hour tour, you will pass through an ancient olive grove of over 500 years old, before visiting a local oil mill in Borsh to find out about the production machinery and processes involved in extracting oil from the freshly harvested olives. Afterwards, it's time to taste different types of local extra virgin olive oil and to learn how to distinguish a qualitative olive oil from mass produced, industrial production.