Itinerary 4 | South Outdoor Festival

Itinerary 4

Itinerary Description: 

Qeparo & P.Palermo

May 3 Old Qeparo & P.Palermo Castle tour

During this tour, we will explore the picturesque old village of Qeparo that lies on a hilltop overlooking olive groves and the Ionian Sea. Learning about the history, ethnographic aspects, architecture and traditions, we will walk through the characteristic alleys with archway underpasses, visiting the village church and the iconic Vlashaj or Ali Pasha Tower. After a short break the three-hour tour continues to Porto Palermo bay. Here we will learn about the bay's history and the prominent Ali Pasha castle in its centre, which we will visit from inside to get acquainted with its history and architectural features, and enjoy the views of Porto Palermo bay from its terrace.

1. First stop will be in the centre of the village, where the history and aspects of the ethnography and the village architecture traditions will be discussed.
2.  We head towards the highest part of the village, while visiting, at the same time the houses with the most prominent architecture and walk through the characteristic alleys with archway underpasses.
3. The second stop will be in the village church, located in its centre.
4. The last point will be the Vlashaj Tower or the Ali Pasha Tower, which is also located in this village.
5.  Short break and departure to Ali Pasha Castle in Porto Palermo.
6.  Here we will talk about the bay's history, the strategic importance of the castle.
7.  Continue to visit within the castle to get acquainted with the interior and various elements of architecture
8. Joind the closer event of South Outdoor Festival in Porto Palermo bay