Itinerary 5 | South Outdoor Festival

Itinerary 5

Itinerary Description: 

This easy tour combines some highly interesting communist legacy with beautiful views of the Ionian sea. It starts from festival venue in Borsh and leads over the modern asphalt road northwards along the coast. After some kilometers it reaches the peninsula of “Porto Palermo”, which was a restricted military zone with a naval base during the communist period. Today widely accessible, a gravel road leads all around the peninsula. At the beginning peninsula there`s a small detour to the left worth doing: It leads you to the limits of the naval base in a secluded bay, and to the entrance of a huge former submarine bunker under the peninsula. Back to the main track around the peninsula with great views of the sea & its islands, you reach the seaside entrance of the submarine bunker.  Leave your bike and go the final meters to explore this highly interesting piece of history. Back on the bike the gravel climbs the hill and comes back to the asphalt, where the modern road takes you back to the iconic "Ali Pasha Castle" in the bay. We will vistit the castle and conclude this fantastic tour with all the festival partecipants in this bay where the final party will be held.

Thematic groups: Cultural monuments, scenic view, communist legacy.

Avaiability: 09:00, Mon 29 Apr

Disclaimer: All ground activities are subject to suitable weather conditions. We would make all the possible efforts to guarantee the success of the activities but reserves the right to postpone or cancel the activities under unfavorable weather and safety conditions. All reservations made for such possible cancellations would be fully reimbursed.

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