Itinerary 4 | South Outdoor Festival

Itinerary 4

Itinerary Description: 

Pilur – Kuc – Fterrë – Borsh 

This long day tour starts from Pilur at 10:00 o’clock.  An adventurous 4x4 road will take you into the valley behind the coastal mountains. Here in the Shushica valley you will find yourself in a world very different from that on the coast. It’s a world of tradition, of life rooted strongly in nature, and great hospitality. We will pass through the villages of Kuc and Fterraj, the featured village of this year’s South Outdoor Festival. During our stop in Fterrë, we will discover old traditions and authentic rural life, before making our way back to the coast and the final destination of our mountain bike ride: Borsh with its olive groves.

While the ride is long and requires a certain fitness level from riders, the terrain is not technical and hence suitable for mountain bikers with limited experience.

Thematic groups: Nature, Tradition, Food, Scenic views

Avaiability: 09:00, Sat 2 May

Disclaimer: All ground activities are subject to suitable weather conditions. We would make all the possible efforts to guarantee the success of the activities but reserves the right to postpone or cancel the activities under unfavorable weather and safety conditions. All reservations made for such possible cancellations would be fully reimbursed.

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