Itinerary 2 | South Outdoor Festival

Itinerary 2

Itinerary Description: 

Located deep in the heart of the Albanian Riviera  is where you will find the Llogara National Park, a pine forest  with unique an spectacular views and  high diversity  flowers, unique not just for Albania, but worldwide.  It's a beautiful area located at an altitude starting from 800 meters up to 2045 m. With its diverse flora and fauna and dazzling snow-capped peaks it's haven for naturalists and hikers.

The trail begins from the visitor center of Llogara National Park, and goes up through the forest to “Qafa e Thellë” and Thanasi’s peak, starting at an altitude of 818 m up 1381 metres. Along the way you will find majestic greenery and panorama as well as identify unique flowers and wildlife footprints of the area.

RAPA staff will provide you detailed information on flora and fauna and  you will be actively engaged to identify the habitats of the most relevant flowers that you will find during the trail, especially Viola acrocerauniensis, a beautiful endemic specie of Albanian flora.

Your surveys will be used by RAPA, for the scientific inventory of the species of the Park.


Saturday, Apr 27, 10:00 - 15:00


1. Wear appropriate shoes and clothes and carry enough water and energetic food. On preorder (extra charge)the organizers could prepare a snack for you, to carry in the trail.

2. Take your waste back with you; be respectful to the environment and its inhabitants.

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