Green Question | South Outdoor Festival

Green Question


We are committed to efforts that support creating a more sustainable festival. Our focus is education for sustainability, with the emphasis that education should be hands-on and fun and we aim to serve as an example for all major events happening in Albania.Each year, we analyze our footprint to identify new initiatives that help minimize our environmental impact.

In South Outdoor Festival there will be various activities & workshops related to the environment for adults and kids. The schedule for participating in them will be published soon.

Art from trash

Art from trash is a workshop for both adults and kids, that consists in turning useless things that we consider trash, like used tires, into art.

Paper Dishes

The delicious food at the festival venue will be served in paper dishes, as we’re trying to use as little plastic possible.

Kids love green

This is a workshop for children to participate in creative activities regarding the environment.

Recycling store

The recycling store is a shop where you can win different prizes by giving certain amounts of used bottles, cups & cans. More information on how will the shop work will follow soon.