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Albanian iso-polyphony is a traditional part of Albanian folk music and as such is included in UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list. Among Albanians, all four regions of Lalëria (Myzeqe), Toskëria, Çamëria, and Labëria have the polyphonic song as part of their culture.

Join South Outdoor Festival 2018 to experience this unique tradition of Albania.


We can’t argue about one thing - there's nothing that makes you hungrier than being active. And since there’s nothing worse than being hungry, we got you covered! South Albania is famous for its cuisine and we want you to experience the best of it!

That’s why South Outdoor Festival partnered with the best restaurant in south (Veranda) who will, only for you, prepare the best south specialties at a special price, in collaboration with the people of Borsh village, which will get involved in cooking their traditional plates just for you.

You get to choose between various menus and decide what you want to eat, but one thing is for sure – you can’t go wrong!

Local Products & crafts fair

An important part of SOF will be the promotion of Albanian typical products from the Southern Albania.
By visiting the exhibition space, participants will have the opportunity to taste and buy local products as well as meet different producers to learn more on the quality of the products and avail theirselves toward business opportunities.

Beach Activities

SOF Beach Party was a brand-new event for 2017 edition and what a day that was! In 2018 we had a great time too, in our hidden gem in Gjipe bay, on a secluded beach away from the festival site with glistening blue sea and an idyllic backdrop of breathtaking canyon.

This year we want to try something different and also special in Porto Palermo bay, where we will have our concluding event on 29 of April. You will be able to see a huge outdoor stage and hear a thumping sound system, which will be sure to blow you away and give you a wonderful taste of the last day of the festival!

Open Air Cinema

Movie lovers will enjoy open-air cinema that will be showing some great classics from Albanian movie Archive, documentaries us well as  the greatest classics of the world cinematography.