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Bringing people together to celebrate and consume healthy food is always a good idea, but more people often means more waste. One of the best things about this event is SOF commitment to minimize the impact the festival has on the environment. Every effort is made to use recyclable materials, compost food scraps, and offer minimal paper and plastic waste. We will take care that all the waste produced from the participants will have no impacts on the environment.

Collecting recyclables stand

The stand will operate during the three days of the festival. We will collect plastic bottles (PET) and aluminium cans. For five PET/Al cans we will give out for free one T-shirt/cotton bag/cap. Our aim is to inspire separation at source and to promote that valuable material should not end up in landfills following the vison of Himara Municipality to modernize their waste management system.

Kosta Zhonga (Artist Tak Fak) workshop with kids

Kosta will engage the kids, present at the festival, in different activities where materials considered waste will be reused. The aim of this activity is to encourage kids to switch form linear thinking (buy-use-throw) to circular (buy-use-reuse).

Art academy team to upcycle tires

End of life tires are problematic in waste management. Himara Municipality faces the same difficulty and is not allowed to send old tires to Bajkaj landfill, so most of them end up illegally in the sea or spread out in the environment. They need 50-80 years to decay or even more to breakdown completely. In order to tackle this sensitive issue, during the festival, tires will be upcycled and reused in order to raise attention and seek for this waste stream.

Keti Gjipali- art from trash and workshop on waste 3Rs

Keti will engage the kids in reusing plastic bottles and plastic bags. During the workshop kids will have a demonstration of what waste management means and how the municipality of Himara will improve their current system by separating at source recyclable materials (PET, AL and plastic containers). Part of the activities will be to personalize your cotton bag by drawing and writing on them messages for a cleaner Himara.