Itinerary 3

Itinerary Description: 

1. Meeting at the square on the sides of the automobile street.
2. Continue on the path of the medieval gate (north side).
3. Along the route is given a historical description of the castle, starting from the period of antiquity.
4.  Coming to the panoramic square, Barbacan Square and the Circle Tower. Panoramic view of Livadhi Beach. Meanwhile, we will  talk about the history of the ruins of the village.
5.  Afterwards we will visit the church of St. Sergei and Bacchu, as one of the most special and valuable churches.
6.  Visit the southern antique gate and antique tower, where fragments of the castle's antiquity appear.
7.  Stopping at Spiro Milo's house.
8.  The Church of All Saints is visited as one of the largest churches in the area.
9. Return to SOF_Borsh