Itinerary 2

Itinerary Description: 

The Borsh Castle is an important medieval center of the Ionian coast. Starting from the IVth century BC it has been an important city centre with fortifying walls, antique dwellings and necropolis with the monumental tomb that is still preserved at the feet of the hill.
1. The meeting will take place in the square below the castle, near the houses.
2. Climbing to the castle and describing its history.
3.  The second point of stopping will be the medieval castle, where the ruins of buildings, of fortification walls, of towers and of the mosque will be visited.
4.  The third station will focus on the ruins of antique dwellings on the southern terrace and the antique fortification wall.
5.  Stepping down, the fourth point to visit will be an ancient necropolis with a monumental tomb.
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