Itinerary 2

Itinerary Description: 

Borsh is an excellent sailing spot and we will have our Hobbie 15, a catamaran with two sails which could hold 4-5 sailors for a ride across the beach or to the nearby beaches in the area. The price includes the rental for riding the catamaran with an experienced sailor and life jackets for every person. Sailing with Hobbie 15 is safe and relatively dry, except for accessing the sailboat in the water. Tuition for learning to sail with the catamaran costs additional 25€ per hour.

Avaiability: From Sat 26 Apr 09:00 to Sun 28 Apr 18:00

Note: Life jacket included and obligatory for each participant

You might consider having:

Cap / Sunscreen / Water 0.5 l / Swimming suit and non-slippery beach shoes

Disclaimer: All water sports activities are subject to suitable weather and sea conditions. We would make all the possible efforts to guarantee the success of the activities but reserves the right to postpone or cancel the activities under unfavorable weather and safety conditions. All reservations made for such possible cancellations would be fully reimbursed.