Local Products Fair Local Products Fair Local Products Fair


An important part of SOF will be the promotion of Albanian typical products from the southern Albania. Lately a wide group of producers, different organizations and respective Municipalities with the support of GIZ, have joined efforts in improving marketing of local typical products, emphasizing the importance of products authenticity, which among others resulted in establishing a common brand named South Albania, representing tourism and agro products. This brand is a common effort of a wide group of stakeholders from tourism and agro sector to support added value in tourism service and production considering heritage and environment as well.
South Albania is a brand inviting us to go back to our roots and values. Our common goal is to promote Southern Albania typical produce and to successfully achieve it, we need to consider the previous experience.
During this event many producers from the areas of Konispol and Himare will exhibit with their products branded with South Albania Label. By visiting the exhibition space dedicated to South Albanian typical products, you will have the opportunity to taste and buy local products as well as meet different producers to learn more on the quality of the products and avail yourself toward business opportunities.


Local Products Fair Local Products Fair