About South Outdoor Festival

South Outdoor Festival is a celebration of harmonious cohabitation between nature and people!

SOF offers the opportunity to cherish everything that can be enjoyed outdoors: jeep-safari, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, mountain climbing, diving, adventure pursuits, camping, music and traditional cuisine …

This is a chance for you to explore the most unique southern coastal villages of Albania, enriched with traditional architecture, characteristic urban setting, culture heritage, history and other attractions, at the edge where the mountains meet the sea.

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Tickets for the activities will be avaiable from February 1-st!


Different Events furing the 4-days festival.


Workshops on waste, recycling, etc.

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South-coastal village of Borsh, will be the next stop for the festival of this year. Borsh is one of the biggest villages of South Albania and it is very known for it’s Olive groves fields, Olive oil production as well for it’s wide beach (7km long) created by the delta of the river. Borsh is also characterized by an extraordinary geological diversity, a blend of sea, mountains and amazing natural resources, as well as a rich cultural heritage, tradition and delicious cuisine that makes it ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities and a perfect tourism destination.

Himara Municipality
Himara Municipality is located in the South-West of Albania, along the Albanian Riviera. Himara is a municipality that extends along the entire coast of the Ionian Sea and the mountains of Laberia in the former municipality Hore-Vranisht. It is a municipality rich in economic resources with a focus on tourism, fishing, farming and olive trees, all products and services with high added value. The new municipality is divided into two very different territories: The coastal zone and area of the former municipality Hore-Vranisht, an area of rugged mountains which is currently not directly inked to the center of the municipality with optimum road infrastructure, but only with a historical street which is not in good conditions to travel by car. Himare municipality except having major sources of marine tourism holds vast resources in cultural and nature tourism.
How to reach Himara?

By Car: From Tirana you continue on the highway Tirane – Vlore – Himare-Kakavijë (215 km) From Janina you continue on the highway Janinë – Kakavi dhe Kakavi -Himarë (150 km) From Saranda you continue on the highway Saranda-Himara (53 km)
By Plane: You can reach Himara through Tirana-Mother Teresa Airport (215 km distance by car/bus) Janina Airport (To Kakavija and then To Himara, 150 km) Korfuz Airport (2 hours by ferry or to Igoumenitsa and then Igumenica-Saranda-Himara 124 km)

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